“Opus Concert Theatre’s AÏDA was a wonderful production—fine singing from all!”

“Diana Cantrelle (Amneris) sings with a focused, connected and thrillingly impressive sound. ”
—Dr. T.  Benjamin

“All the singers have beautiful voices and are such good actors!” —D. S.

“Diana Cantrelle as Amneris gave a powerful performance”. —Maestro Jordan Smith

“I have never heard a singer sing with such ease, control and beauty.” (talking about Karen Myers-Rhodovi our AÏDA) —S. Lampredi

“It was a truly moving performance . The singers conveyed great emotion and expression. I have an affection for minimalist theatre.” —Laura Wilde

“I thoroughly enjoyed AÏDA. The singers have beautiful, rich, passionate voices that captivated the audience.  They made the opera come alive!”  — Vanessa Duffy

“Aejin Kim sounds like a full orchestra! Such power and expressivity. And Brava to Nonna Kaler-Slutsky for her masterful conducting.”


“Carmen: Vive la Liberté was my granddaughter’s first opera.  She loved it, and can not wait to see another opera!” — Brenda McCoy

“What a fun, lively and effective production is Carmen-Vive la Liberté – and what a good performing edition of the score. I’ll bet smaller opera companies and colleges would enjoy this version. And I loved that they did it in the opera comique version, with updated dialogue- very smart!  Diana Cantrelle sounded and looked great in the role. Opus Concert Theatre lined up an excellent cast, good use of the space, the chorus folk were clearly having a very good time, and very involved.”  — Dr. T. Benjamin

“You should take this show to the Hippodrome in Baltimore!  Carmen:Vive la Liberté is such an innovative work, like ‘Hamilton’. Diana Cantrelle is Carmen!” — P. Jarava

“I am from NYC and know good theatre.  Carmen: Vive la Liberté is on the same level.  The singers are fantastic!’ — Richard W.

“This note is to express my deepest appreciation for the outstanding performance of Carmen: Vive la Liberté. The acting and the singing were superb.  I hope the Opus Concert Theatre will bring back to the community quality performances as was presented in June.  Thank you again.” — Gerry Maxwell-Jones