“Carmen: Vivé La Liberté” a Great Success

Both performances of Diana Cantrelle’s Carmen: Vivé La Liberté were delightfully wonderful. Concert versions of operas do not usually have staging and acting. Opus Concert Theatre’s version of Carmen: Vivé La Liberté had both costumes, lighting and actors on a stage. The dialog was in English and the singing was in French. The beauty of the music expression and intonation delivered the meaning behind the songs. The audience was clearly moved and understood as the story progressed assisted by staging and acting.

The ensemble and key players all have beautiful voices and gave the compositions by Bizet full expression. They all seemed to be enjoying themselves and that feeling projected out into the audience.

Be sure to attend Opus Concert Theatre’s next performance of Menotti’s “Amahl & The Night Visitors” December 1, 2 and 3 at the Howard County Center For the Arts Theatre. Buy Tickets.

Then, enjoy food and  drink at Germano’s Piattini Sunday, December 17th for another performance of Amahl and the Night Visitors
with a Holiday Sing Along.